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Minimum order
The minimum order is € 30 (excluding shipping costs).
We fill orders EVERY MONDAY - TUESDAY - WEDNESDAY unless otherwise agreed.
Once the online order has been completed, you will receive an e-mail confirming the shipment, with the tracking number corresponding to your order. If you want, you can track all the phases of your shipment online by clicking here

Payment systems
Choose the payment system you prefer and that best meets your requirements.

» Credit card: The transaction is handled by Setefi S.p.a. - Intesa San Paolo, on a secure server protected by the most advanced forms of cryptography.

» PayPal: this is one of the most widespread micropayment systems: easy, free and secure. Just register. For more information, click here.

» Bank transfer / Postepay: if you select this method, you can view the payment data in the order confirmation e-mail sent automatically by our server. 

Direct pickup at ReefLab
If you live in the vicinity, if it’s convenient for you to pass through Asti or if you just want to see us in person and visit our laboratory, it would be our pleasure to meet you.

Just choose the phrase RITIRO PRESSO SEDE (PICKUP AT PREMISES) under the section “METODI DI PAGAMENTO” (Payment systems) on the order form. And, of course, you won’t have to include the shipping costs in your calculation.
We will then agree, via telephone, on when to meet. You can reach us at +39 347 3033150.

Prices and invoicing
All of our prices include VAT.
An invoice will be sent to you in pdf format via e-mail. If you are not able to view it, you just need the right program, which is free and available here
Types of shipment
  • All shipping costs are calculated automatically.
  • International shipments, which delivery within 24-48 hours after being sent, cost € 30 + 3€ for each coral choosen.
    For the good of the animal, and to reduce any delays to a minimum, we suggest that you use the “Hold for collection” service at the nearest TNT branch or TNT Point.

Click here to calculate the delivery time for your city.

Click here to find the nearest TNT branch or TNT Point, select your country and follow the instructions.

ReefLab is not responsible for any damage and/or shipping delays.
For any problem, please do not hesitate to contact us at ordini@reeflab.com

Packaging methods
For our and your peace of mind, our animals travel only in first class, with all the comforts.  
We use special, extra-strength, double nylon bags that we place inside insulated boxes.
If the shipment takes place in the winter, the box is equipped with a small warmer that keeps the internal temperature constant.  
We bear all packaging costs.

Right of withdrawal
The right of withdrawal is exercised by sending, within 10 working days from receipt of the goods, a written notice via registered letter with advice of delivery to:
Reef Lab di Simone Porcellana, Corso Alfieri 302, 14100, Asti.

The notice may be sent, by the same deadline, via telegram or fax as well, but in this case must be confirmed via registered letter with advice of delivery within the subsequent 48 hours. 

The notice of withdrawal must contain:
- the codes of the products you intend to return
- instructions on the refund methods for expenses sustained (money order, bank transfer, etc.)
- the banking coordinates, in the event in which the bank transfer method is selected.  

The subject products of the withdrawal must be returned at the care and expense of the customer, in their original condition, to the same address used for the registered letter. Once the goods are received and their condition verified, we will, as soon as possible, credit the customer for the cost of the products returned, subtracting, if necessary, the shipping costs, which are in any case borne by the customer.


Why Reeflab

Yes, we know. We know how hard it is to find. †
The search for that coral that can make our aquarium unique and precious is quite often no easy task. We realised this ourselves, while searching for that coral, like you, in specialised shops. There arenít many of them and in smaller towns, there arenít any at all. We also realised it by attending the events on aquariums, in addition to all of the virtual places where we share this passion with you and with many others like us. The same passion that one day drove us to go one step further and build the solution on our own. This is how Reeflab, the first Italian online shop dedicated to corals, was established.


Even before becoming a shop, Reeflab was a dream, achieved by a group of true enthusiasts. It is a small laboratory fuelled by our enthusiasm, by our care in the treatment of the animals and by the willingness with which we trade tips and suggestions with all other enthusiasts. With the diehard admirers of coral: essentially, with those who are a little obsessed with it, just like us. And most likely, since youíre reading this, just like you.


How we work - Mission

We built Reeflab ourselves, to suit our requirements as enthusiasts. It is the ideal place in which we would have liked to choose and purchase our corals and exactly the sort of place we were looking for. When we got tired of looking, we just did ourselves. †
We invested in technology and in quality of service in order to treat the corals with the utmost care and allow you to choose and receive them in the simplest manner, exactly as you would if you went to your trusted shop. †
Our objective at Reeflab is to send you corals that are even more beautiful and healthier than we received them ourselves. And our loyal customers are proof that we are succeeding in this endeavour. Hereís how.

  • First, all of our corals, both the imported ones as well as the ones reproduced in our tanks, are duly recorded in the Cites registry.
  • As soon as we receive them, they rest for at least fifteen days in quarantined tanks. This way, while they best recover from their long journey, we carefully verify their health. We make sure they are not diseased or contain parasites, and we nourish them with a special diet to prepare them for their new life in a closed environment.
  • Once the complete check-up is over, the corals are moved into growing tanks, where they remain until shipment. In these tanks, they regain their wonderful natural colours.
  • At this point, we measure them and photograph them one by one in order to include them in our online catalogue. So, when you choose and order a coral, it will be that exact one that arrives in your aquarium.
  • The quality of packaging used ensures the utmost safety and the least possible stress caused to the coral. Our express courier provides rapid and efficient service, ensuring delivery within 24 hours from shipment. †
  • There are various payment methods available, so you can choose the one easiest for you.