All shipping costs are calculated automatically based on the type of payment and the chosen delivery service.

Shipping to Italy

First, check here the delivery time and the services provided for your location.

The STANDARD shipment, with delivery scheduled for the day following the dispatch (Calabria and major islands in 2 days), has a cost of € 15.

EXPRESS shipping, which guarantees delivery within the morning of the day following shipment to the major Italian cities, costs € 25.

For shipments in Sicily, Sardinia, Calabria and in all the areas served not in the following day, contact us using the form to verify the feasibility, which may depend on the location, the type of corals required and the current weather conditions.

To minimize delivery times and any possible delay, we invite you to use the depot service at the nearest TNT branch or in any case the fastest delivery system for your location.

If you are not sure if you can collect your parcel at home, you can also avail yourself of a TNT Point to which it will be sent on your behalf.

Check here where TNT is in your location.

Orders for products only have a shipping cost of € 7.

For purchases that include products and animals, the shipping costs applied remain those for animals.

If you want to add more to an already registered order before shipping, you can do it by placing a new order and selecting "Adding to order in progress" to avoid paying shipping costs twice.

International Shipments (EU)

If you live in the European Community, you can receive our parcels with UPS's EXPRESS SAVER service, which provides delivery the day after it is sent to major locations.

Here you can check the delivery time and here the UPS collection points to avoid any delays and speed up collection.

The cost is € 30 one-time + € 3 for each selected item.

Collection at ReefLab

If you prefer to collect your corals directly from our office, select "Withdrawal from office" under Payment Systems. We will then agree on the date and time of collection by email or by telephone. In this way you will not only come to collect your purchase, but you will be able to enter our laboratory and see for yourself the world of ReefLab.

Packaging method

All packaging costs are the responsibility of ReefLab. We use special extra-resistant nylon bags that we place inside thermal insulated boxes. During the winter season, the box is equipped with a warmer that keeps the internal temperature constant.