How we work - Mission

We built ReefLab by ourselves, to suit our requirements as enthusiasts. It is the ideal place in which we would have liked to choose and purchase our corals and exactly the sort of place we were looking for. When we got tired of looking, we just did ourselves.   We invested in technology and in quality of service in order to treat the corals with the utmost care and allow you to choose and receive them in the simplest manner, exactly as you would if you went to your trusted shop.   Our objective at ReefLab is to send you corals that are even more beautiful and healthier than we received them ourselves. And our loyal customers are proof that we are succeeding in this endeavour. Here’s how:

  • First, all of our corals, both the imported ones as well as the ones reproduced in our tanks, are duly recorded in the Cites registry.
  • As soon as we receive them, they rest in quarantine tanks until they best recover from their long journey and we carefully verify their health. We make sure they are not diseased or contain parasites, and we nourish them with a special diet to prepare them for their new life in a closed environment.
  • Once the complete check-up is over, the corals are moved into growing tanks, where they remain until shipment. In these tanks, they regain their wonderful natural colors.
  • At this point, we measure them and photograph them one by one in order to include them in our online catalogue. So, when you choose and order a coral, it will be that exact one that arrives in your aquarium.
  • The quality of packaging used ensures the utmost safety and the least possible stress caused to the coral. Our express courier provides rapid and efficient service, ensuring delivery within 24 hours from shipment.  
  • There are various payment methods available, so you can choose the one easiest for you.